Monday, February 10, 2014

Need Help Off Campus?

The Writing Center is located in Baird Hall, Room 206. They also offer help for students who don't make it to campus as often.

The Writing Center can communicate with you via Skype video conference calls, and even regular telephone calls! All that we ask is that you provide some key information to help us help you! This information includes:
  • Your name
  • Skype name/ phone number
  • instructor's name
  • course name
  • details of the paper/ assignment
  • due date
After an appointment date is set, we will ask you to email a copy of your assignment sheet and draft to for your online security, please email us from your RSU student email account.

Here is a testimonial from RSU's own Kyndal Irwin:

"I am so glad the writing center has an option to send in your paper instead of having to meet with them in person. I commute from Tulsa and I am not on campus every day so it's much easier for me to email it to them. And they were very quick to get back with me! Later that evening I received an email back with feedback on my paper. It was very easy, fast and extremely convenient for me!"

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