Monday, September 22, 2014

Everyday Thoughts from the Writing Center: Fulfilling Work

Hi, RSU students and faculty! My name is McKinze Hefner. This is my first year as a tutor in the Writing Center, and I have learned so much. Being a tutor has taught me to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in others. Every student at RSU is required to take Composition I and II, so, essentially, all students are writers. However, how strong of a writer a student is all depends on the strength of the student. Some students are not strong writers, but this does not mean they cannot produce a good, academic paper.

As a tutor, I have encountered both types of students, but I have noticed that all of the students who come to the Writing Center are always striving to be better. I had an appointment with a non-traditional student who had not been to school in at least eight years. She started the appointment by telling me she was not a strong writer and apologized for what she referred to as her “horrible writing.” I responded immediately with encouragement and told her that what she had written was only a first draft. I explained that first drafts are never very good in general and that is why students should always have their papers looked over by others.

After we finished the session, she was much more confident about her paper and seemed much happier than how she was in the beginning. I have encountered many other students just like her, but I always remember that every paper can be transformed into a solid academic essay. Everyone is capable of being a good writer, and students who come to the Writing Center asking for help are those who show the desire to improve their writing. Helping other students is very fulfilling, and I have learned just as much from them as I hope they have learned from me. 


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