Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I've Learned as a Writing Consultant: Hayden

Throughout my time in the Writing Center, I have mentioned many writing techniques and tips I use in my own writing. For example, reading one’s paper aloud can make a WORLD of difference. This is something I often tell people to try, but don’t do myself because of time restraints or other excuses I forge during the writing process. However, during my many appointments, I have realized the necessity of reading aloud the significant impact it can have as a writer.

I consistently find myself reading (in my head) my papers and thinking, “This sounds great!” But the minute I read it aloud, I get a taste of another perspective. Reading aloud, especially to an engaged listener, gives writers an idea of how other readers will receive a piece of writing. It can be very difficult to understand what words fit where and how they will sound when you don’t hear them out loud.

Working in the Writing Center has reminded me to take my own advice when it comes to the writing process, particularly with reading aloud. I have gained a further appreciation for this editing technique and use it on (just about) all of my papers, and I highly encourage any writer to do the same!

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